The Secure and easy way to send medical images

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Introducing S.C.I.T

Introducing S.C.I.T

The secure and easy way to send medical images

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The fast and simple APP for medical teams and doctors to take and send encrypted clinical images from your mobile

Fast and Convenient

Use your own mobile device or tablet to securely take and send clinical images. Works with iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Avoid Fines

Eliminate the risk of sending un-secured images and the potential for large fines through non-compliance and clinical governance.


Military level encryption means patient images are always secure so you stay data compliant.

Quick Start

Fast and hassle free implmentation options to get you up and running.


Designed, developed and trusted by University Hospital Birmingham.

Work Smarter

Streamline diagnosis, improve efficiency and reduce paperwork headaches.

How it Works

Take image using mobile device or tablet and add in patient data.

Send encrypted image and data to pre-defined secure location.

Relevant clinical team received notification of image and opens via hospital's image database systems or secure portal

The SCIT app will enable NHS to securely capture clinical images and send them direct into the patient’s electronic record. The encrypted data package is monitored to ensure it is delivered to the correct patient notes and all parts of the pathway are safe and auditable.

Jane Tovey UHB Medical Illustration Services Manager

Whilst we all know that a picture can speak a thousand words, the majority of clinical findings are currently recorded by hand drawn pictures, or by text. The SCIT app will give clinicians the ability to document visual findings using photography, which can then be securely uploaded into the patient records. This will undoubtedly lead to an improvement in patient care, using the cameras on mobile devices most of us carry around every day.

Chris Coulson UHB consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon

Research published in the journal bmj innovations

Researcher surveyed 287 doctors and 564 nurses at a large NHS trust with 65% of doctors admitting they had used text messages to send patient information, while 46% had sent pictures involving patients to colleagues.

Researchers said the 'lack of data encryption and necessary security' meant the sharing of patient information was 'currently unsecure and may result in the inadvertent disclosure of highly sensitive and confidential data'.

SCIT overcomes these problems and provides a simple and easy-to-use way for medical teams and doctors to take and send encrypted clinical images from the user's mobile phone.

SCIT is available today

Wherever you are and on your preferred device

We've designed it to be super-easy and simple to use, so you don't have the headaches of figuring out new software.

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About Us

Commissioned by UHB, the app has been developed by Stormnet Media with input from the Health Design and Technology institute at Coventry University, working alongside Trust IT staff.

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